The Big Slurp

Thank you to everyone who came out for the second annual BIG SLURP! Last year Covid forced us to get creative and the Big Slurp was born: a free oyster giveaway drive-thru for current members of the Nantucket Shellfish Association.

Well, we had so much fun, we did it again! This year we moved out to 19 Nobadeer Farm Road and gave away over 3,000 oysters to members! Longtime supporters of the NSA came by for fresh oysters to enhance their Father's Day celebrations and many new faces stopped by, some even getting impromptu shucking lessons from Carl!

The biggest of thanks to everyone who made the event a shucking hit!

Quahog Country

Dylan Wallace & Eat Fire Farms

Patrick & Island Kitchen

Fifth Bend Oysters

Pocomo Meadow Oysters

Great Harbor Oysters

Island Oysters


Carl & Jim Sjolund

Tom Montgomery

Bruce & John Beni

Kevin Kuester

Ron Shepherd

Brooke Christian

David Watson

Chloe Bruning

Malcolm Macnab

Peter Morrison