Scallop Internship with Dr. Hall

The Nantucket Shellfish Association is proud to support Dr. Valerie Hall's Bay Scallop Research Internship Program. This year, the program was co-sponsored by the NSA, the Maria Mitchell Association, the Great Harbor Yacht Club Foundation, and the Sokol Family.

This year, 14 students participated in the internship program with four research assistants. Over the 13 week program, each student went on at least one scallop collecting trip on the water with Captain Carl Sjolund, with most able to go for two!

Students also worked in the lab 2-4 days per week, averaging 42 hours of lab time. They learned all stages of scallop reproductive histology, from collecting and dissecting, to processing and embedding, to sectioning and staining, and finally to evaluating prepared slides under the microscope. All of the students were expected to keep daily lab logs of all work done, data collected, and any observations made in their laboratory notebook. For many of them, this was their first time working in a lab!

In addition to collecting and research, every student was required to participate in one of two presentations, practicing their public speaking skills. The NSA was proud to welcome a group of students to the NSA July Board Meeting to hear about their experience.