Pocomo Meadow Oysters with a charred scallion butter

A seasonal recipe from our friends at Pip & Anchor

24 Pocomo Meadow oysters

2 bunches Nantucket (Washashore or Pumpkin Pond) scallions trimmed and halved crosswise

1 lime, zest & juice separate

2 sticks of good unsalted grass fed butter (room temp)

Salt & ground pepper for taste

Grill scallions on high until evenly & lightly charred. Transfer to a cutting board, let cool, then coarsely chop.

Mix scallions and lime zest into butter in a bowl until evenly blended, season well with salt and pepper

Shuck oysters with a good oyster knife, make sure not to lose the delicious oyster jus inside. Put a teaspoon of your butter on each oyster. Put on the grill making sure nothing will drip out of the oyster. Once butter melts, they’re done. It is key to keep the texture of the raw oyster for optimum flavor.

Spritz some lime and enjoy. If you feel extra sassy add a little hot sauce!

We highly recommend pairing with a white Txakoli from the Basque Country. It makes for the perfect early summer treat. Ameztoi if you can find it...Brix has it!